Custom Carved Gunstocks

Custom Carved Gunstocks

This more modern style gunstock is the brainchild of Gino. Carved and then sealed, the gun stock was then painted with real metallic pulvers and paints.

The top photo shows the gunstock reassembled. This side shows a different carving than the other side shown above.

This comissioned, beautiful, hand carved and gilded in tri-color gold gun stock was created by Gino at the end of 2010. What is so unusual about this particular gun stock is that he carved the entire gun, not just the butt of it as most people who carve do. He custom carves Remington, Winchester rifles, Harrington and Richardson, Marlin rifles as well as many others.

This Gun Stock is the most elaborately carved gun stock I have personally ever seen. It is Gino's current commission and is yet unfinished, but coming close. Click any photo to see the true, rich detail involved in this beautiful work of art.

The carved gun stock is orginally a Finnish maker called Forster, and is a 243 Sako.

The proud owner of the gun stock is a commission by Mr. and Mrs. R. and D. Garcia of North Carolina. After Gino had finished carving the gun, he will inlay a copper and burnished brass finish.

You can commission Gino to carve your own gunstocks. Prices are more reasonable than one might assume, and start at 1500.00. U.S.

The gunstock must be purchased by the owner, and sent to Gino. Gunstocks need to be raw, and all metal gun parts removed. Gino only wants the wood stock. You must reassemble the gun upon return shipment.

If you are interested in owning your own original carved and finished gunstock worked by Gino, please read more on the Purchase Hand Carved Gunstocks. Thank You.