Custom Created & Sculpted Area Rugs

Custom Designed Area Rugs

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Customize your Client's home/estate with one of a kind, created especially for them; custom designed, hand made and sculpted area rugs by leading artist Gino DiAVonti.

One of A Kind Custom Area Rugs

Each custom designed area rug or set of area rugs are never dulplicated, so you can be assured that your client's custom designed rugs are truly a work of art conceived especially for you.

Renowned Experience

The artist, Mr. Gino DiAVonti; has been composing and constructing his handmade rugs for over 30 years now.

These custom created area rugs have homes all over the globe, including the estates of many world-renowned celebrities. Master Gino has even created a set of custom area rugs for one of Columbia's past presidents, who comissioned him to make the rugs for his presidential compound there.


Is the marble or tile flooring in your Client's Estate too hard on their feet and they need something more easeful, without covering large expanses of the elaborate stone work?
Do you desire custom designed area rugs to match the decor of their yacht or summer home?
Have you recently redesigned room(s) in their home or just wish for a different or newer look?
Are they trying to sell an estate and need to add that finishing touch, the 'jewel in the crown' to ease the buyer their way?

Explore this website to further enlighten yourself to the capabilities of custom area rugs and their utilitarian as well as artistic values. Plenty of pertinent information about custom area rugs and sets of area rugs, how they are designed and created from start to finish, from rendering to binding and carving by the Master Gino, read on. Don't forget to see his extensive Area Rug Gallery for photos of many past works of art in the form of rugs.

This custom designed and created sculpted area rug to the left was executed in 1990, and made Gino an overnight success for his custom rug designs. After displaying this area rug at the Miami Beach Home Show that year, and having photos of it taken, he later strolled through the Show and found that other Rug companies had actually stolen his photos of this rug, and placed it in their portfolios! Since then, many companies have tried to copy his design style, (He's even seen similar designs in high end design magazines, reflections of the rug to your left) but Gino is the originator of this custom area rug design and continues to make them in a similar, but unique fashion to this day.

The rug on the right is shown as it is being installed in the Clients' home in Bonita Beach, Fl. It measures 12 by 15 feet. All the custom rugs are made by hand from start to finish. Gino begins by seeing the prospective Clients' decor, taking photos of the rooms, taking measurements of all the furniture that will be involved, and then does a rendering or two. The drawings are in colors that simulate the carpet Gino and the Client have previously chosen, and they are to proper scale. (Precise measurements and Photos can also be sent to him if it is inconvienient for Gino to be there in person.) It helps immensely in this situation to also send him color swatches of the furniture, drapes, and wallpaper or paint.

The chair seen to the left in said photo; was supposed to sit in the swirled cove of the rug. After the clients saw the work, they decided the rug was more important, and decided not to place the chair on the rug!

More photos of this rug can be viewed here: Joe and Careys Rug.

When a custom rug design is chosen, you the Designer then has the carpet ordered and Gino begins to "scale up" the drawing. This becomes his template for the rug. All of the colors are marked on the template that will match the original rug design. Depending upon the size and detail of the rug, they can take anywhere between 2 weeks and two months to complete. The rugs are made completely by hand. The binding is also hand cut by Gino or his wife, and is then sewn. It is typically made of leather, vinyl, suede or another matching colored heavy weight commercial fabric. Almost every company out there that Gino has ever come in contact with chooses to use the cheap, polyester see-through binding most typically made available to area rug companies as "the trade standard binding". He hates the cut-rate look so refuses to use it.

The backing on the carpet is either Monk's cloth or some other sturdy fabric.

The custom designed area rug to your left and right is exclusively designed for a bedroom. The bed itself sits on the rug. There is a peacock at each side of the headboard, and the border is scroll-work. The eyes of the peacocks are glass-baubles that Gino inserted. The custom area rug measures 7 feet wide by approx. 7 1/2 feet long. It took 2 weeks to create this rug.

Masland Reggae carpet comes in 43 colors The field carpet in the above peacock rug is made by Masland, and the line is called Reggae. (Pictured to the far left, dark blue carpet) It resembles small knotted pebbles with another thin line of color running through the center of each knot. The other carpet used in the borders and for the peacock is top of the line for America, Fabrica Chez of the Chez line (pronounced "Shay"). Because there are different types of carpet used in the rug, it is called a textured rug.

The two custom designed sculpted area rugs shown below are for the same Client. Her and her husband actually had a total of 6 rugs made, all matching the flow of the home. Most Clients do order more than one rug. In this manner, all the rugs have a connective look to them. In most cases, it also saves the Client money when ordering the carpet as well.

  The lady of the house liked Ginos' idea of carving "tile" into the fields, to match the same size and diagonal line of the tile the rugs would fall upon. Gino carves these lines straight into the rugs, as well as going around each color with his carver. The Fabrica carpet is the softest, so also takes the most passes with his carver to get a sharp, well defined line that does not shift when stepped upon. This is one of Gino's known trademarks.

These custom area rugs were huge, and to complete the entire job took several months to complete. The estate they now reside in is in Naples, Florida.

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