Art Tutorials

Painting With Pulvers

Tutorial No. 1

This free art tutorial will help you learn how to paint with metallic, or flaked paints that are actually ground from stones or metallic stones or metals, called pulvers. As Gino takes you through the step by step method used to paint and seal these beautiful, glimmering finishes, you will learn to...

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Legal Artists Contracts

Tutorial No. 2

Free Artists Legal Contracts are of essential help for the Artist to control and protect his own art. Printer∼Friendly Art Contracts for You to Download and Use. You can also copy and paste. Before selling Your Art Work, look at these Art Contracts. Includes such contracts as Original Work Contract, Consignment/Gallery Contract...

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Carving Acrylic I

Tutorial No. 3

This Free Artist's tutorial will help you begin to learn how to carve and sculpt. This time we'll be working in acrylic, a fun and exciting medium. Plenty of photos, and you can always write Gino for extra help! Gino will show you some of the stages he goes through to carve acrylic, (or lucite) including how to arrive at the template...

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Copyright Your Works

Tutorial No. 4

The purpose of copyrighting gives the Artist a monopoly on his own Works. If just anyone could copy your Work and use it for any purpose without any payment to you, you'd never be inspired to create fresh, new original ArtWorks. With the copyright, you have the exclusive right to commercially exploit your own Work. The main purpose for the copyright laws, is not to...

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Carving Acrylic II

Tutorial No. 5

This free artist's tutorial will help you advance from the first sculpture lesson. Gino teaches more about the different tools and bits used to sculpt and carve in this free online lesson. He will also show you a few new techniques! This is a recent second set of acrylic panels commissioned to Gino, and the subject...

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Tutorial No. 6

This tutorial will be coming soon...

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