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The Bull & Lion sculpture to the right was done for Ginos' wife, who loves archaeology. The original is from around 2000 B.C., and was one of two huge stone carvings that flanked a double staircase that led up to the center of the palace of Persepolis, Persia; or modern day Iran.

These two photos show a sculpted rendition of Michaelangelos' drawing entitled 'Leda & the Swan'. It was lost during WWII. Gino has decided to recreate it as sculpture. Original was a painting. The finished piece will be about 9' tall and anywhere from 14 to 16' feet in length. This will most likely be the middle panel.

Contemporary Alto rilievo-Gino DiAVonti © 2006 The picture to the right is a contemporary 4' x 6' Work was started in 2002', and as of February 2006', it is now completed and ready to mold and cast. The same ideal is also a painting he has done, and can be seen in the Gallery.

The name of the Work is Obsession II. A limited edition of 15, he plans on casting it in bone strength plaster that has been tinted ecru.

This is an example of Gino's love of carving trees and nature into acrylic. He is not finished with this piece, but when he gets the time, he plans on adding several other layers of carved acrylic panels behind it, to create a depth effect. It will make the forest appear very deep, which is his intention.

The intricate ferns will house some small wildlife, and other various details Gino plans to add. If he only had more time to work on his own personal projects.

You can click either photo to see the acrylic in more detail.

Corian Griffin Doors

The Griffin doors shown above were made after Hurricane Andrew for an Estate in Coral Gables. They are entrance doors to a Banquet Hall. Both are made of Corian, pink alabaster Avonite, and Brass. The pictures were taken with a polaroid camera, and so detail is sadly missing. However, Gino did carve each feather in the wings, including all the minute featherings in each. There are small gold gilded strips throughout each wing to complement the doorframes.

Commissioned by Jose` LLosa, Coral Gables, Fl.

To learn about Gino's Sculptured Walls, Click Here

These two horses are made of wood, carved, then covered with an exterior style resin and recarved to regain the original detail. They were both created from the same prototype Gino had created. However, one ended up needing the medallion to nestle in, which Gino created as well. The copper background of the medallion has been stippled for a more beaten effect. The gold horse is on a metal entrance fence. It was pre-drilled and anchored with large bolts from the back side of the medallion. Similar process was used to hang the bronze horse.

© Gino DiAVonti 2007' The paints used are metallics of bronze, gold and copper. Lastly, a clear sealer was placed over both to keep out the weather. The project took Gino about one month to complete. The medallion is approximately 3 feet by 3 and 1/2 feet. The light bronze horse that stands on his own is approximately 2 1/2 feet long. Both pictures are clickable for a bigger view.

Incidentally, they were commissioned works in early 2007'. The smaller picture to your left shows more detail of the face, and was taken before the stippling, final sanding and clear sealer was done to the copper medallion.

The darker bronzed horse on the medallion to your right was another color version Gino created.

This Gun Stock is the most elaborately carved gun stock I have personally ever seen. It is Gino's current commission and is yet unfinished, but coming close.

The carved gun stock is orginally a Finnish maker called Forster, and is a 243 Sako.

The proud owner of the gun stock is a commission by Mr. and Mrs. R. and D. Garcia of North Carolina.

This is only the carving. After Gino has finished carving the gun, he will inlay a copper and burnished brass finish.

Gino has finished carving the opposite side of the gun. He will begin the metals effects now. Go to the Gunstocks page to see the finished gunstock. Link is near the top of this page.

Here are some photos as Gino begins the staining process on the carved gunstock. He's got about 10 hours into just the staining alone, as of this point. Click the photo link to see several enlarged photos of the areas he is currently staing with several different colors. later he is going to inlay Black Hills Gold gilding to other areas of the gun. If you would like to see the gunstock in it's finished form, go to the Custom Carved Gunstocks page.

The 4' x 8' Fantastical Goldfish wood panel above was carved in 1990', and although not a Commission, it was sold before it was completed. Apologies for the photo, as only surviving one it was taken with a polaroid camera. The detail of the scales Gino had carved on the fish has not made it through, and some others; so one can only imagine.

The corian panel pictured to your left is lit with front lighting. Gino discovered that when carved, it also backlights. The photo to your left shows the same work, with lighting added to the back. These types of carvings make beautiful triptychs and also work well for soffets. Gino has made sculpted corian walls,backsplashes on yachts and custom motorcoaches, as well as for estate homes and his own personal art.

Gino has recently had a Client who has looked for a particular fossil of a very rare trilobite from Morrocco all of his life, and to no avail. This fossil is most usually only found in fragments, and complete, perfect pieces are almost unheard of. Gino showed him what corain's capabilities are with the back lighting effects, and was then hired to complete the task. The carving (seen on left) is so recent, Gino is still doing work on the piece, but expects to be done very soon. The final piece will rest in a lighted glass case on an acrylic stand. The work measures approximately 16 inches by 14 inches.

The second corian carving to your right is a sample sized piece Gino keeps for showing Designers and Architects. You can click the image to see it in more detail, which is amazing.

The model you see is a fine artwork, as no commission was set up for it. Unfortunately, the the lady in clay's photos were not taken with a digital camera, so the minute details he had added are not very visible. She was approximately 12" high, and was to be an Angel when finished. However, she became damaged in transport, and Gino had to destroy her. He plans on making another of her, and will add a male to the Work.

The modern acrylic sculpture to your right is a fine artwork in progress. Gino started on this piece in early July 2006', and is still working on it. He admits that the polishing of the work is taking as long as the carving itself, but since it is the effect he's after, is worth the extra time. He plans on using glass dyes of various intensities in value in the finished piece.

He also plans on doing a double layer to the original...i.e:adding another 1" sheet behind the one seen here, with another level of carving in it. This will make the finished work 2" thick by approx. 24" tall by 17" wide.

The above left photo is a work in progress. Gino hasn't yet decided what the finished medium will be used when he finishes the mold. The original shown here is polymer clay and approximately 10" tall by 9" wide by 6" thick.

This acrylic piece has been colored up after carving took place. It shows just how lovely adding color can be. Gino worked on the piece for about a month, and then started adding the cathedral-like glass dyes. A really lovely artwork, it now resides in Bonita Springs with it's rightful owner.

You can click on either Photo for an enlarged view.