Designer's & Architects Carvings Info

Designers and Architects

If you are looking for information on the Custom carved and designed Area Rugs, please go here: Designer Area Rugs.

Just like the custom designed and carved area rugs, some of the beginning foot work is the same to create the Sculptured walls, triptychs, etc.

Gino works in marble, acrylic, corian, wood, and many other materials. If you have another material in mind, just ask him about the possibilities of working in it. He's very versatile.

Gino sculpts out entire slabs of custom designed walls. The photo shown is for a modern look, and took Gino about a month to carve and install. Painting came next. The designs he can create are unlimited. From contemporary to traditional, even ancient reproductions are easy for him to duplicate. Just give him an idea of the style, and he will be able to do it.

Click on either Wall Sculpture Photos for an enlargement.

Designers and Architects, if you are looking for an excellent collaborative relationship on a particular job, look no further. Gino has worked with many Designers and Architects through the years.

With extreme respect and professionlism towards you and your client, Gino will help bring together the sales aspect of your job.

Whether you already have a design you'd like Gino to create to full scale, or would like to collaborate on a custom sculpture, please feel free to call Him with any details or questions you may have.

Getting Started

Gino begins with either your ideal, or if you need him to come up with the design for the sculpture, he can do that too. He will need to see the room in question, or you give him the basic idea of what is the style/period in time, etc. that is called upon by the Client. From there, Gino and you can talk out what might be appropriate, and he can then sketch out something that may be workable.

Too Far Away?

If it's impossible for you and Gino to work together in person, don't let that stop you from booking a potential client! With the advent of the Internet, E-Mail, .jpeg and .png files, of course the phone, and overnight with FedEx; there is nothing stopping you and Gino from creating a sculpture that will be unique and original to your client.

Gino can tell you in advance of you meeting with your client, what measurements are crucial to him in order to begin the renderings. You can E-mail Gino photo layouts of the room(s) in question, as well as detail of any architecture of wood carving he so draws upon to create the drawings. Colors of fabrics and other textures will also lay the initial ground work needed to do the renderings.

Contact Gino (Nichole will direct your call) today for more detailed information. Phone number is 239.895.7681. Call between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm please.