Joe and Careys Custom Designed and Sculpted Area Rug

Joe and Careys Custom Designed and Sculpted Area Rug

Joe and Carey met Gino in the middle of 2018. Their taste is ultra contemporary, something Gino himself loves to work with. After personal tastes and colors were discussed, Gino took the measurements he needed, and of course paid attention to the detail of the furniture. Snapping photos to help him with his later designs, he noted how unique the chair that complemented the sofa was.

They have very good taste, and chose Fabrica Chez as their carpet of choice. This American made carpet is manufactured in California, and has a very high pile, pencil-point tuft, and very high tuft count per square inch. This makes the carpet extremely dense, and lends itself well to Ginos' carving of the custom designed area rug. It has no shine, which is always a sign of cheaper made carpet. Gino thinks it resembles fur, and I agree.

The shape of the chair was incorporated into the final design (actually all designs) chosen by Joe and Carey. The back of the area rug (shown in a picture below) held the border, and was created to allow room for the lamp to sit upon it.

Gino always designs the area rug to have the furniture sit upon it. It helps to stablize the furniture. Gino also believes that since the carpet being ordered is either Fabrica or Masland (or a combination of them both) that his client should receive the most carpet for their money.

What that means, is there is a cut charge by the Manufacturer, of 50.00 and up for any piece of carpet ordered that is under ten feet X twelve feet. If the Client is going to pay for the carpet, why not get the most use of it, and have less scrap?

The larger design also allows Gino to really use the most of his creativity.

Gino often places fiber optics in his custom designed and cargved area rugs. This makes them twinkle. The lighting can be controlled, or just randomly twinkle and sparkle. Colors are determined by either a computer program or a color wheel, depending upon how simple or complicated the Client wishes.

Gino will also add Fine Designers Rope to his rugs, if the Client so chooses. Joe and Carey wanted the rug to incorporate this, and so Gino added black cording to many of the carve lines of the custom rug. It came out stupendous! You can note in one of the photos here, the custom designed area rug before it had the cording added.

Please scroll down for a pictorial of the custom designed and sculpted area rug.

Joe and Carey enjoy their new Custom Designed and sculpted Area rug Joe and Carey are enjoying their new rug. Notice they loved the rug design so much they decided to leave the chair off of the rug, which would have covered the swirl on bottom right corner.
Note the true color of the carpet in below next two photos. Those photos were taken outside, before the rug was delivered. The pictures taken in the home were taken in the evening, with no sunlight, which makes the colors appear different.






This shows the custom designed and carved area rug with the rope installed. Gino has to do this after the rug is carved.