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The portfolio includes over 350 full color area rug photos printed on high quality photographic paper and bound in a durable vinyl binder. Photographs are protected with high gloss transparent covers.

Use the portfolio to sell the job, then call Gino to get the renderings underway.

Price is $500.00, non-refundable. Shipped overnight via FedEx. Shipping included. Full price due before shipment is sent out. The photographs and designs remain the sole creation of Gino DiAVonti, and are not to be duplicated without the artist's explicit written permission.

Sales Package

If you're interested in representing Gino's custom area rugs and turning a profit for yourself, a full Sales package will help you get started. They are now available. Custom designed by his graphic art team, it will include 200 business cards, a set of 100 business header stationery, 50 custom matching envelopes, 100 self-adhesive custom labels, booklet on "How to Properly Care for Custom Area Rugs", a "How to Sell Custom Area Rugs" informational booklet, 3 Fabrica carpet sample books, 3 Masland carpet sample books, 6 backed, bound and carved various custom made by Gino area rug samples that you can show potential clients, and one Portfolio as mentioned above. Also Gino and his staff's full support via telephone and/or email for the duration of your area rug sales venture.

You will also receive a 25 percent reduction in the price of the renderings by Gino that you will need to clinch the sale.

Price for Full Setup: $5900.00

Contract Details

The Artist is fully responsible for the materials as follows: Backing fabric, latex glues, other glues, fabric/suede/vinyl binding, carpet carving machine and blades, knives associated with the fabrication of custom area rugs.

Client is responsible for the purchase of the carpet to create the said custom area rug(s). client is also responsible for having the carpet shipped to Mr.DiAVonti for fabrication. Mr. DiAVonti will pay for shipping to the end Client.

One half of monies owed are due in advance of beginning fabrication of said custom area rug(s). Balance is due before shipment. Verification of rugs completion can be either in person at Gino's Studio or via email files. Nonetheless, no rug(s) shall be shipped out without full payment made in advance.

Precise measurements are required and must be hand signed off on in order for Gino to start any custom area rug, be it fabric, leather, fiber optic, custom designed, or any otherwise. Gino will create this precise size rug. The rugs will be measured by Gino and a record will be made of their size before shipment. Since rugs tend to expand and contract according to hot and cool weather, a fluctuation of no more than 1/2" is an allowable factor in their creation and shipping to Client.

PRICING FABRIC BORDER: For a typical example, a 6" border with upholstery weight fabric sells for $00.00 a square foot. A 12" border of with upholstery weight fabric costs $18.00 per square foot. Square footage includes pricing out the field. FIBER OPTIC INSERTS: However, Gino can tell you up front that each fiber optic insert costs $6.00 each, with a minimum of 1000 inserts per rug ordered. FABRIC BORDERS: sell for the following: Single border: $6.00 square foot. Double border: $10.00 square foot. Triple border: $16.00 square foot. LEATHER AND SUEDE BORDERS: Any width up to 12" in leather or suede border is $25.00 per square foot. Size over this width should be consulted with the artist.