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Jacquard   In textile design, a raised, figured pattern woven into cloth like tapestry; damask, brocatelle, etc.; invented by J.M. Jacquard, an 18th and early 19th century French weaver.
Japan colors   A sign painters quick drying paint, available in many colors in tubes or cans.
Japanning   An imitation of Oriental lacquer. See Lacquer, Oriental.
Japonisme   The influence of Japanese Art and decoration, especially in France, 1854-1910; a number of French Artists were influenced by the simplicity of Oriental design, among them were Monet, Whistler, Tissot, Degas, Bracquemond and Jacquemart.
Jeweler's rouge   A compound used to buff and polish metals.
Jigger   See Levigator.
Jugendstil   The German term for "Art Nouveau" after the Munich publication "Jugend", meaning "Youth". See Art Nouveau.
Jute   1.A coarse natural fiber used for making burlap and cheap canvas that does not last well. 2.In the custom area rug art, jute is sometimes used as a backing material for the finished rug.
Juxtaposition   In painting, the close placement of adjoining colors or forms; side by side.