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X-acto knife   Trade name for a small, sharp knife used to cut paper, friskets, cardboard, mats, etc. having different handles and shapes of blades for a variety of jobs.
X-height   The height of lowercase letters, various typefaces have different x-heights for the same point size.
Xylography   Woodprint engraving or wood cutting to produce a woodblock print.


Yamato-e   The traditional painting style of Japan.
Yamato School   A Japanese 9th century School that lasted 5 centuries; the famous Kose Kanaoka painted landscapes and portraits in a pure Japanese style.
Yeast black   Pigment, a form of vine black, carbon, obsolete.
Yellow Book style   See Art Nouveau.
Yellow carmine   Pigment; a yellow lake, transparent and fugitive.
Yellowing   Discoloration of paint or paper that becomes darker from age or poor quality of product.
Yellow ochre   Pigment, a yellow earth, opaque and permanent.


Zen calligraphy  Calligraphy executed by the Zen Monks; the strokes are of a bold and pure nature.
Zensho   Zen calligraphy
Zincography   A lithographic process using zinc plates in place of stone.
Zinnober   Pigment; vermillion, obosolete.
Zipatone   Trade name for press-on halftone or shading sheets. See also Halftone.
Zoomorphic design   Designs, symbols, or ornaments based on animal forms.