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Q-tip   A short, flexible stick with cotton wrapped around one or both ends, used in art for odd jobs such as cleaning a drawing, spreading graphite, charcoal, turpentine, sometimes used for creating rub-out effects in a painting.
Quadrille paper   A graph paper on which all lines are of equal weight.
Quarter drop   In textile design, the motif dropped a quarter down from the first motif.
Quatrefoil   (French, "quatre feuille" or "four-leaved") A motif made up of four leaves, seen in Gothic tracery.
Quenching   The method of hardening metal by plunging it into the water or oil while it is red hot.
Quercitron lake   Pigment; a yellow lake, fugitive.
Quickies   Rapid little sketches done as an exercise or to help in visulization of ideals or concepts.
Quiet area   An area in a composition that is less busy in color & texture, lineage; than other areas of the picture.
Quill   A large bird's feather cut to be used as a pen.
Quilted pattern   In textile design, a stitched pattern or design to imitate quilting.
Quinacridone red   Pigment; a rosy red, acrylic and durable.
Quinacridone violet   Pigment; a reddish violet, also durable and acrylic.
Quire   25 sheets of paper, or 1/20 of a ream.
Quoins   Small steel triangular wedges used to lock type and plates in chases for the press.