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U-gouge   A woodcutting tool, scoop shaped like the letter "U".
Ukiyo-e   (Japanese, "floating world") 18th century and after, Art featuring woodblock prints depicting everyday customs and habits, inexpensive prints that attracted the attention of Europeans and sold well in Europe as well as Japan.
Ulna   The inner parallel bone to the radius bone in the forearm, placed slightly behind the radius.
Ultramarine blue   Pigment; a deep blue, transparent and permanent.
Ultramarine green   Pigment; a pale green, semi-transparent and permanent.
Ultramarine red   Pigment; a pale red, semi-transparent, permanent.
Ultramarine violet   Pigment; a pale violet, semi-transparent and permanent.
Ultramarine yellow   Pigment; a pale yellow, semi-transparent and permanent.
Umbra   (Latin, "shade or shadow") The darkest part of a shadow on a curved surface.
Umbrian School   Artists working in Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries, important Artists were Perugino, Pintoricchio and Raphael.
Undercut   In carving, to cut back and beneath an exposed edge.
Underpainting   The first paint applied to a picture surface, to be overpainted with other layers and glazes of paint. Also called "Abbozo".
Undertint   A transparent undercoat or veil over a white ground.
Undertone   The underneath or less noticeable part of a color, as the bluish undertones of alizarin red.
Uninked intaglio.   Blind embossing from an intaglio plate.
Universal perspective   Perspective from different eye levels in the same picture.
Universal quality   In Art, a quality that is not limited or dated, but creates the feeling of agelessness.
Unprimed canvas   Raw canvas or support that has no primer on it. See Also Prime and Primer.
Unsized   Without any size or filler.
Urn   A vase or vase shape.
Utrecht School   An early 17th century Dutch School emulating the style of Caravaggio, the most important Artists were Baburen, Honthorst and Terbrugghen, influenced Hals and Rembrandt.